June 7-9
Danville, IN

2018 State Conference

2018 State Conference

2018 State Conference

2018 State Conference


Country Garden Tours

Hendricks County was formed in 1824 and for decades was agriculture based. In the past 30 years, the county has seen a 26% population growth and acres of farmland has been converted to businesses and housing. Hendricks County still has gardeners residing on country roads but many have diversified their properties into a variety of gardening options. Come join the Hendricks County Master Gardeners and explore these gardens. Note – Many of the gardens require walking on uneven grass, gravel and narrow brick/stone pathways.

Country Garden Tour #1 –

Woody Warehouse in Lizton, Indiana is a family based wholesale nursery that specialized in native trees and shrubs. Beginning with seed from the Central Hardwoods Region, they propagate seedlings with various root pruning techniques. Visit the propagation greenhouse and see the acres of trees and shrubs.

What happens to your shade gardens when 30 trees need to be removed from your property? Visit with John Chapin, to see the challenges of a sudden change from full shade to full sun in a large part of his gardens. Over the years, a grove of small sugar maples had become a shady area, so dozens of shade perennials were transplanted to that area. As a semi-retired landscaper, John collects unique and beautiful plants and has replanted the new sun areas with magnolias, lilacs, redbuds, dwarf and/or unusual conifers, and perennials.

Napa Valley in Hendricks County? Steve and Kim Somermeyer selected Hendricks County to build their new home and the grape vines were the first thing planted on their 20 acre property. Steve also works at Chateau Thomas Winery and serves as a judge for various wine competitions. Kim and Steve will educate guests on the challenges of Indiana grape growing and provide a winetasting experience for all.

Country Garden Tour #2 –

The home and gardens of the Stephens family are set on eight acres of secluded woods. Beginning in 1976 with the building of the gazebo overlooking the new pond and bridge, Bill continued to add to their wonderland with a second pond. There are many magnificent gardens, including a formal garden, rose garden and a variety of gardens with hostas, daylilies and irises. Many of the gardens feature whimsical art and Bill is also a trial gardener for new irises and daylilies.

Teresa Byington’s garden is a large cottage garden that consists of about 200 roses. Many are roses she is testing for various rose growers. Teresa is a very active member of the American Rose Society and is editor of the national newsletter, Roses & You. Her blog, TheGardenDiary.com, tells of her adventures in the garden and in life, as well as promotes roses as an integral part of the landscape.

The final visit is Avon Gardens. Karen Robbin’s business sits on a portion of her grandfathers’ original farm. Her business has grown to include 5 acres of display gardens, several water features and includes a wedding/reception venue. Karen has hosted over a dozen national tours and her gardens have been featured in Midwest Living magazine.

Master Gardener Project Tour

Plainfield Correctional Facility Training Garden

This tour is available for a limited number of participants. Participants are required to complete a background check in advance of the tour for admission to the site. Master Gardeners partner with the Correctional Facility for a horticulture training program for offenders. The program includes an on-site garden, a greenhouse, and a culinary kitchen.. Find out about the training and visit the garden for a close-up view of the project.



Amy Hamather

Amy, from Frazee Gardens, will guide us through selecting succulents (several from which to choose), trimming them (like those from last year), share pros and cons of caring for succulents – and finally creating a succulent container to carry home.

The Papercrete Potter

Lee Coates

Students walk away with mold, pot, printed instructions, safety tips, large bag for pot.  His students have ranged from 5-93, and have included a blind person and people with limited dexterity.  Workshops are available on Thursday, June 7 and throughout State Conference.